Meet the LLamas


He is the Boss man and the others follow his lead. He is also very chilled out and great in crowds and noisy situations. Jet is the llama you want in a tight spot! 


With his crazy long eye lashes and brows Atticus is the good looking one! He is the bottom of the llama heap and is often picked on by the others. Popular with all our visitors, children seem drawn to him.


One time bad boy Brad is now a chilled out dude who (generally) does as he is told. He is our tallest llama and is a handsome chap. Just occasionally he likes to remind us that he can be naughty!

The Donkeys

You will meet the donkeys so bring some carrots! Mocha and Burrito are super friendly and love a cuddle and a stroke!

Check Availability & Book



Due to the Covid 19 outbreak we have sadly decided to close Llama Trekking Scotland.

Anyone with bookings, please get in touch via our website and we will sort out new dates once the crisis has passed.

We will continue to sell vouchers.

Thank you all for your understanding and support. Please do what you can to support local businesses, where ever you live, during this crisis and remember that once it has passed we will all really need your business.