The Llama Experience

This team building event aims to teach persuasion, patience, persistence and collaboration, just some of the key skills required in the business world, by guiding the Llamas to complete several onsite exercises.

Participants will be given the opportunity to get to know Jet, Atticus and Bradford before taking on any challenges.

Simon Calvin, Llama expert, will explain the unique psychology, character and physical make-up of the Llamas, giving you the opportunity to feed and groom the Llamas before leading them on a short trek to the skills area.

Head strong and powerful animals, team members will be required to persuade the Llamas to undertake several challenges, including leading the Llamas over jumps, a slalom course and through a maze. Once your team is familiar with the skills course, delegates will undertake a time trail and in pairs will race against the clock to be the first to complete the full set of challenges with their Llama.

After the skills course, teams receive refreshments in the Ecocamp Bothy and get the chance to discuss the competences required to complete each challenge.

Time: 2.5 hours

Cost: £100 for four people and £15 for each additional person

Aims: Teach participant team persuasion, patience, persistence and collaboration

"We aim to make our Llama experience an enjoyable light-hearted couple of hours away from the office; but essentially it gives delegates the opportunity to learn and develop some key skills that are are totally transferable and of much use in the boardroom! Our Llamas, Bonita, Jet, Atticus and Bradford are all powerful and stubborn animals and yet when treated in the right way can be completely compliant.

Shouting and force will not get you very far. We aim to teach our delegates the key skills and patience to work out what the Llama is thinking, get inside its head and ultimately make it do what you want it to do"

Simon Calvin


Check Availability & Book

Due to the Covid 19 outbreak we have sadly decided to close Llama Trekking Scotland.

Anyone with bookings, please get in touch via our website and we will sort out new dates once the crisis has passed.

We will continue to sell vouchers.

Thank you all for your understanding and support. Please do what you can to support local businesses, where ever you live, during this crisis and remember that once it has passed we will all really need your business.